Unmarshal Aims to Index StaFi’s Native Chain, an Opportunity for Developers

StakingFinance (StaFi), a Decentralized Finance protocol ensuring that the liquidity of a staked asset is unlocked and free for dispersion continues to dish out interesting updates to its community. They have undoubtedly achieved a lot in the past six months. From the launch of their rFIS products to major partnerships with top DeFi projects like EasyFi, DeXe and listing on top exchanges like Binance. It’s been quite a busy six months for the StaFi developers.

One of the notable partnerships, which we will be discussing in detail through this article, is StaFi’s partnership with Unmarshal. Unmarshal is a Chain-Agnostic blockchain technique that consists of a network of blockchain indexes to curate customizable data for DeFi applications. Unmarshal, which was created in collaboration with Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot Network, and Solana, aims to reinvigorate the collection, dissemination, and interpretation of data in order to boost the DeFi economy.

It is a sophisticated solution aimed at converting raw and unstructured blockchain data into a usable form in order to facilitate the integration of real-time blockchain data into decentralized applications, therefore unmarshalling the potential of Decentralized applications (DApps).

Unmarshal to Index StaFi’s Native Chain

StaFi Protocol is well-known for unlocking the liquidity of staked assets; it has improved the way its tokens can be staked and reward tokens, also known as rTokens, given in exchange for these staked tokens. Unmarshal has made it easier to access and explore blockchain data on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot blockchains and this benefit has been transferred to the StaFi Protocol native chain in order to share with users and the community at large.

The partnership seeks to provide StaFi with seamless access to on-chain data, allowing users to have a more comprehensive and simple user experience.

Unmarshal will provide assistance to StaFi Protocol in two ways:

Wallet Balance API: $FIS and $MARSH holders and users will be able to track their token balances using this API.

Transaction API: All decoded transaction information may be viewed here using the data provided by Unmarshal. Users of $FIS and $MARSH will no longer have to waste time searching for transaction history, as Unmarshal has given a better tool that aids in obtaining transaction data more effectively.

Key Attributes of Unmarshal

Multi-Chain Interoperability: One of the major barriers to DeFi adoption is a lack of interoperability. The availability of tailored data from multiple chains will be straightforward and smooth, all thanks to UnMarshal’s distributed network of blockchain indexers.

Structured data: Because raw and unstructured on-chain data is available, it is time-consuming for decentralized apps to decode it into a structured format. UnMarshal presents the desired data in a structured manner that is accurate, dependable, and valuable, allowing developers to concentrate on the application aspects. It converts plain hashes into usable data.

Comprehensive SAAS Solutions: UnMarshal Network utilizes advanced technical solutions that make the construction of APIs easier. As a result, the infrastructure includes not just APIs but also data projection into different forms such as WebSockets, Notifications, and GraphQL.

Democratized governance: UnMarshal’s decentralized network is made up of numerous distributed nodes that promote power liberation by allowing clients to select data indexers from a pool of nodes.

Automated Indexing: This involves the automatic indexing of real-time data from various chains in line with the submission of indexing requests for various DeFi protocols as required by the client.

Benefits of Unmarshal for Developers

As we all know, today’s applications are inherently decentralized, and they are occasionally linked to the web, cloud, and other application services. Some of the problems that arise in the world of decentralized applications are on how the backend code is operated, as it must operate on a decentralized peer-to-peer network rather than a single more centralized server.

However, the most difficult element of the DApp equation may not be the basic hosting, management, maintenance, and augmentation of backend code. What can be more difficult is designing threading pathways between applications such that data can be distributed, exchanged, and integrated for these more transient applications to function effectively.

The technology of Unmarshal’s projects aims at alleviating the problems of developers. Developers can now query critical data streams using an open API subgraph. There is now the availability of a source for structured and indexed data which can be used from within decentralized applications. This structured and indexed data essentially allows DApp developers to access data without having to care about the abstractions involved.


Easy data collection and access between blockchains have been a tremendously difficult job for both developers and users.

Unmarshal promises indexing of nodes without the interference of any centralized server. The indexing of StaFi’s native chain will provide users with a satisfying experience when dealing with StaFi’s applications such as the rToken products. It also provides developers willing to build on top of the chain with a seamless experience.

Stay connected with the StaFi project using the Links below:

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Helen IMAH

Helen IMAH

I’m a TECH Lover, Blockchain Enthusiast, Strategic Digital Marketer, Content Creator, Crypto Trader & Data Analyst…

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