The Protocol Behind How Automated Mirror Trading Works on ALPHR Finance

ALPHR Finance Protocol

What Solutions does Alphr Offer?

  • Transaction expenses — transaction fees are average traders’ most faced challenges. Many smaller investors couldn’t access DeFi and Dex because of enormous fees. Mirror pools that are automated combine funds in a single transaction, saving users gas fees. The entire mirror pool shares the gas fees.
  • Alphr makes cryptocurrency trading simple for all, making it easy to trail many tokens and groups passively.
  • Access to experts portfolios — Someone with more alpha than you will always exist; there is no reason why you shouldn’t emulate and apply their tactics.
  • Low entry barrier — many community members are intimidated and perplexed by the volatility of the space; they don’t know which tokens to buy, and the fear of losing money prevents them from entering trade most times. Alphr has successfully curbed this drawback to admission lowered entry by automated replication of the most successful traders.

Important Components of Alphr

  • Having a social profile wallet: Your on-chain identity is your money; Alphr transforms it into a social shape. Every ETH wallet that trades on Uniswap gets an auto-generated profile based on their trades.
  • Picturing the Blockchain in a completely different light: You can trail wallets and get the data of their current trades, allowing you to mirror deals manually with a single click.
  • Automated Mirror Trading (AMT): This mechanism allows you to create a computerized mirror pool to copy any wallet automatically.
  • ALPHR protocol fees: In compensation for the service they provide, seventy-five percent of protocol fees are redistributed to Alphr users who provide liquidity on Uniswap. The community development fund receives twenty-five percent of the protocol fees to help finance future protocol development.
  • Risk score: Each wallet address has a risk score based on its trading history, allowing users to make more informed judgments on which wallets to mirror more quickly.
  • Incentives for users: ALPHR tokens are earned every time a user’s trade is duplicated. When users are mirrored, they make benefits even if they haven’t claimed their Alphr profile yet.
  • Users will soon replicate trades on BSC, Polkadot, and other blockchains, starting with Uniswap and Ethereum.

How Automated Mirror Trading (AMT) Works?



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