The Complete Benefits of ERD Solution in the StaFi Ecosystem

StaFi Protocol

The ERD solution’s business logic

The Benefits of using the ERD Solution

  • It brings about a third-Party DEX similar to bill discounting business logic. As a result, where liquidity is sufficient, this can assure 90% of transactions. However, when liquidity is limited, rToken is untradable. Also, this exchange system encourages mobile trading platforms including Unsiwap, Curve, Pancake, and others, which have already been linked to StaFi.
  • It encourages lending protocols. To meet liquidity demands, lending platforms like Liqee, connected to StaFi, allow rToken users to mortgage loans.
  • ERD Remedy. In an extreme situation, the ERD solution can assist rToken users in exchanging liquidity at an acceptable exchange rate and provides robust support for the rToken exchange rate on Third-Party DEXes.




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