StaFi Protocol and the development of a pre-eminent ecosystem for its staking derivatives

Staking Finance (StaFi)



Key Features of rDEX include:


Key Features of StaFiHub include:

  • It will be a service chain for the Cosmos ecosystem’s staking derivatives.
  • The chain function will be based on the Cosmos SDK, which is similar to Sifichain, TerraChain, and Osmosis Chain.
  • It will be possible to use the IBC cross-chain protocol. The Cosmos ecosystem’s token assets can be cross-chained to StaFiHub through the IBC protocol, and the StaFiHub’s rToken assets can all circulate in the Cosmos ecosystem through the same protocol.
  • Cosmos ecosystem tokens can directly mint out StaFiHub-based staking derivatives using the Keplr wallet and the corresponding PoS Token.
  • General Liquid Staking Solutions for Cosmos SDK Projects will be made available to the community. This is to encourage them to provide more staking derivatives.
  • The StaFi team will create a bridge linking the StaFi chain and StaFiHub to enable the seamless exchange of rTokens between the two chains.




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