New UI/UX Enhancements for rToken App to Maximise User Experience

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4 min readApr 26, 2022

In our world today, the technological advancement experienced has made things easy for humankind. This seamlessness applies to websites and mobile applications.

The easier it is to navigate and comprehend features on websites and mobile applications, the more users it attracts. UX/UI Design plays a vital role in the success of any business that uses the internet. The UX/UI Design of a website or application heavily influences user experience and customer satisfaction and decides if they will continue to use that particular website or not.

With lots of competition in the market, it is of paramount importance that you, as a business owner, seek to remain indisputable in the market, and one of the ways to do that is by dishing out a perfect UI/UX Design for your consumers.

StaFi rToken App

The rToken App is one of the core features that make up the StaFi protocol. It is where most, if not all of the rToken initiatives are processed.

Since its inception, the rToken App has been undergoing upgrades, specifically in the UI/UX Design aspect. The StaFi team recently released information on a new upgrade on the rToken App, centered on improvements to the UI/UX to provide the ultimate experience for users.

rToken App V3

In the last upgrade (rToken App v2), a new version of rFIS and rBridge, integration of rSwap and release of Fee Station were launched. Since then, the StaFi team has paid close attention to user experience and discovered the need for further improvements. For the recently released rToken App V3, below are the new optimizations:

● Users can now effortlessly check the supported PoS assets in the list, directly displaying the staking APY, staked value and Stake Function.

● The rBridge page has been moved from the rAsset to the Main Navigation Bar. This enables users to navigate to the rBridge page and transfer their rTokens easily.

● The rAsset page has been reorganized to make the stats more transparent for stakers, and the display of rewards and APY has also been improved. rToken holders can now manage and trade their rToken assets more easily.

● The staking process for stakers has been improved. Staking Rewards are now more detailed in V3, making it easier for stakers to understand the functions and processes of the rToken App.

● The rDEX link has been integrated into the rToken V3 App to allow for the smooth trading of rToken assets.


rToken is a staking derivative offered by StaFi for staked assets, which can be traded, lent, or borrowed at specified markets.

As the proof of stake network grows, the need to liquidize staked assets while maintaining the security of the original chain remains. rToken makes it possible for billions of dollars to be circulated without users having to unstake their assets.

In order to acquire rTokens, a user must stake a native token through the relevant Staking Contract, and then a certain amount of rToken will be issued to that particular user on a 1:1 basis of tokens staked in the Staking Contract. For instance, 1 FIS staked on the relevant Staking Contract will enable 1 rFis.

The rToken’s exchange rate will increase substantially as staking rewards for that native token increase; so will the amount of redeemable native tokens.

rTokens can also be obtained at centralized or decentralized exchanges that support it.

Features of the rToken App

The rToken App is responsible for the following rToken features:


The rAsset App serves as a household for rToken holders. Here rToken holders can manage their rToken assets. It helps them know the number of rTokens in their wallet, the total value of their held rTokens, redeemable native tokens, etc.


rSwap is an Exchange-Rate Discounting (ERD) solution that can help solve liquidity problems for rToken quick-swaps. rSwap allows rToken holders to obtain native tokens immediately with a discount on the rToken/Native Token on-chain exchange rate.


rPool is a liquidity pool aggregator product App that integrates all the farming pools related to rToken. Here, rToken users can find the different liquidity pools with different APYs and then choose the best pools to provide liquidity on and earn rewards.


rBridge connects the StaFi mainnet to other chains, like Ethereum. For instance, the StaFi Mainnet’s FIS can be converted to ERC-20 FIS, which can be used in Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem for trading, lending and other initiatives.

StaFi Protocol

Staking Finance (StaFi) is the first decentralized protocol that solves the dilemma between token liquidity and Mainnet security by unlocking the liquidity of staked assets.

StaFi developed a protocol that issues alternative tokens, popularly known as rTokens, to stakers for their staked assets in a particular proof of stake network. These alternative tokens are issued on a 1:1 basis and can be traded, lent, or borrowed on specified venues.


The StaFi team continues to remind its community that any upgrade made on their network is not the last. They are always on the lookout for what to improve on their networks, and the current version of the rToken App is just one of more upgrades to come.

The team promises to listen to community feedback and suggestions and is always open to improving the UI/UX Design of the StaFi rToken App.

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