Morpheus Labs: Building the Next Generation BPaaS (Blockchain Platform as a Service)

Why do so many proof-of-concept projects fail to get off the ground before they are ready for commercialization?

Although blockchain technology has been around for thirteen years, it is still considered fresh and in need of widespread acceptance. Blockchain, as a distributed ledger, is designed to help businesses and governments expedite their business operations by allowing them to build new apps and cross-entity services on top of it. Using a shared ledger among the distributed network of participants to promote trust, accountability, and transparency. Blockchain has the potential to radically alter the way we interact and conduct business in today’s digital space. Governments, businesses, and initiatives around the world, on the other hand, are still battling to find the best-fit use cases in a variety of industries. Not to mention the fact that the blockchain is hampered by a global dearth of skilled blockchain professionals. As a result, businesses are faced with deciding which blockchain technology is ideal for their idea and implementing it.

Several proof-of-concept projects have failed before they even got off the ground. Partly because they lack collective blockchain expertise and a single multiple-blockchain-enabled test environment, businesses are having difficulty evaluating several blockchain technologies and deciding which to deploy. Many blockchain technologies, for example, are currently accessible, including Ethereum, HyperLedger, Multichain, VeChain, NEM, and others. However, no single platform offers a test environment for these blockchains, and no single technology platform or consulting organization has a comprehensive understanding of different blockchains to assist businesses in selecting the optimal blockchain technology.

The issue, therefore, remains: what is the best course of action? How can governments and corporations get confidence in blockchain technology that is right for them? The way forward, according to Morpheus Labs, is to create an inclusive society in which anybody may affordably use this technology.

Morpheus Labs

There is no doubt that the blockchain has impressive use cases. Commercial and public institutions alike are pouring money into blockchain-based projects to see how they might benefit from the technology. Morpheus Labs provides a testing environment where blockchain applications can be tested and approved before being adopted by the general public, lowering investment risks for these companies. Morpheus Labs aims to address some of the barriers to mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, as well as those that restrict or discourage particular organizations from using it.

Morpheus Labs’ end-to-end blockchain platform incorporates an app marketplace and a partner-driven strategy that allows it to interact with multiple blockchain partners. This allows developers to swiftly kickstart work by utilizing accessible blockchain nodes on its platform, saving up to sixty percent on development time and seventy percent on development costs.

Corporates, banks, financial institutions, and government agencies can use the Morpheus Labs platform to develop, test, and administer blockchain applications using the platform’s supported blockchain protocols to achieve quick prototyping, cost-effectiveness, and a fail-safe environment. Organizations can stimulate and foster creativity in this way.

Morpheus Labs provides centralized platform service for constructing, maintaining, and regulating blockchain networks, as well as distributed hosting for blockchain network nodes and off-chain applications. At the end of the day, our platform will allow anyone to participate in this ground-breaking technology.

Its Foundation is dedicated to the creation of an inclusive and transparent system in which anybody, regardless of location, can create decentralized applications and projects. With the primary goal of enabling broad involvement and decentralization of the multichain network, Morpheus Labs seeks to help with launching networks, as well as the preliminary governance and assessment of the public blockchain. The Morpheus Labs Foundation is assisting in the creation of a borderless economy.

The purpose of Morpheus Labs is to create an ecosystem that encourages open cooperation. The idea is to ensure that individuals all across the world collaborate with Morpheus Labs to solve problems and innovate. Morpheus Labs is built around four pillars of value, a term interpreted to be their solution for Inclusion and Blockchain.

Morpheus Labs Four Pillar Value

Evaluate Different Blockchain Technologies on One Platform: businesses thrive with proper time management, minimal risk, and cost-effective operation. Having several blockchain technologies and experiment scenarios on one platform reduces the amount of time it takes to transition between different platforms, applications, and suppliers.

Crowdsourcing: considering how difficult it is to access good blockchain talents, Morpheus Labs solicit contributions from a wide range of partner expertise to obtain services, ideas, or tools, and curate crowd contributions to allow for the broad aggregation of new ideas and solutions in a relatively short amount of time.

Enterprise-Grade: understanding the need for a secure and scalable network which is what businesses are looking for, the enterprise blockchain technology is scalable, secure, and strong for rapid prototyping and easy production implementation in different settings.

Ready to Deploy Apps: Morpheus Labs supports multiple blockchains and provides users with ready-to-deploy blockchain apps which enables them to validate blockchain use cases within a reduced amount of time and cost of creating a fail-safe and quick environment.


Blockchain is slowly but steadily gaining traction in a variety of fields, and it appears to be unstoppable. The widespread adoption of blockchain technology will transform the world for the better, and Morpheus Labs is here to ensure the transition from the traditional method of problem-solving to the much more efficient and convenient blockchain technique.

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I’m a TECH Lover, Blockchain Enthusiast, Strategic Digital Marketer, Content Creator, Crypto Trader & Data Analyst…

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Helen IMAH

I’m a TECH Lover, Blockchain Enthusiast, Strategic Digital Marketer, Content Creator, Crypto Trader & Data Analyst…