How Unmarshal intends to provide on-chain data for the StaFi Community

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StaFi, the first decentralized protocol that unlocks liquidity of staked assets continues to provide lucrative services to its community. From the introduction of rToken products (rAtom, rXTZ, rDot, etc), major partnerships with popular DeFi projects such as the EasyFi network and major exchange listing like Binance, StaFi Protocol appears to have achieved quite a lot in a short period of time and doesn’t look like relenting.

The latest development is a collaboration with the top global multi-chain DeFi data network, Unmarshal; which was recently announced by StaFi Protocol on their network. This partnership focuses on enabling easy access to StaFi’s on-chain data, enabling the StaFi community to have a greater experience on the network.


Unmarshal is a Chain-Agnostic blockchain protocol that consists of a network of blockchain databases to curate customized data for DeFi applications.

It is a sophisticated solution designed to turn raw and unstructured blockchain data into substantive forms to facilitate the implementation of real-time blockchain data into decentralized applications (DApps), thereby unraveling the capacity of these applications.

The key features of Unmarshal include:

  • Multi-Chain Integration: One of the main obstacles to major DeFi adoption is the lack of interoperability. The availability of personalized data from various chains would be easy and transparent with UnMarshal’s distributed network of blockchain indexers.
  • Structured Data: Decentralized systems find it difficult to decode raw and unstructured on-chain data into a well-defined format due to the abundance of this data. UnMarshal presents the requested data in a structured, precise, consistent, and useful manner, enabling developers to concentrate on the application aspect. It converts unusable hashes into valuable information.
  • UnMarshal Network uses advanced technical solutions to make the construction of APIs as simple as possible. As a result, the network goes beyond constructing APIs; it also performs data projection into various formats such as WebSockets, GraphQL, and Notifications.
  • UnMarshal’s decentralized network consists of several distributed nodes, allowing clients to select data indexers from a pool of nodes, thereby fostering democratized management.

Unmarshal’s Partnership with StaFi

StaFi is looking to further solidify the positive relationship it has with its community. Their partnership with Unmarshal will enable StaFi users to have seamless access to on-chain data, allowing for a more intuitive user experience. With endpoint integrations, Unmarshal would provide various data avenues such as WebSockets, Restful APIs, and so on.

Key Features Unmarshal is Supporting StaFi on include:

  • Wallet Balance API: Track user token balances
  • Transaction API: Decoded transaction details

The crypto space is expanding; the more it expands, the more on-chain data is generated. There is a great need for all these data generated from various blockchains to be accounted for in a seamless manner. This is the goal of Unmarshal and StaFi is partnering with them in order to determine how to provide on-chain data for the StaFi rTokens product in a more reliable and secure manner. Both projects will also work together to provide StaFi with on-chain data querying tools for the StaFi network and rTokens.

Unmarshal is seeking to assist DeFi developers in making developing processes seamless by making data available, quick, and meaningful.

They have inbuilt APIs that help you retrieve the balance associated with a particular address. One of the API’s responses will contain all an investor needs to fully understand their investments. With this, you can see the actual value of each token as well as the value of your investments in fiat currency.

Another use-case is that it helps retrieve a list of all transactions made with a particular address. Unmarshal uses the best decoders to derive meaning from a function call made to a smart contract. The decoder helps decode transactions into Send, Receive, Stake, Unstake, Approve, Add Liquidity, Remove Liquidity, and so on.

You can also see details of a transaction through the hash with Unmarshal’s APIs.


StaFi is the first DeFi protocol to allow unlocking liquidity of staked assets. StaFi network allows users to stake tokens on a Proof-of-Stake platform and earn rTokens in returns, which can be traded while also receiving staking rewards.

On the StaFi network, FIS is the native token. Staking, paying transaction fees on the StaFi chain, minting, and redeeming rTokens can all be done with the FIS token on the StaFi Chain.

There is no doubt that Unmarshal’s unique product will go a long way in increasing the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide.

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