FIS Utility on rDEX V1

About StaFi

What exactly is rDEX?

Advantages of rDEX

  • A mechanism to prevent slippage: Slippage is reduced when the user’s transaction scale is small compared to the pool liquidity scale. On the other hand, if the transaction scale is relatively large compared to the pool liquidity scale, transaction slippage will be significant. As a result, whales will be unable to drain rToken’s liquidity.
  • Increase liquidity: Because each trading pair must use FIS as the primary transaction asset; each pool can establish significant liquidity through FIS. Every pool can use FIS as a medium to facilitate the exchange of rToken assets or rToken assets with Native Tokens.
  • Assist in the liquidity of any single currency or dual token deposit ratio: Users can deposit a single token type or two different kinds of tokens in any ratio to support the transaction’s liquidity. There is no need to deposit two assets simultaneously at a 50/50 split, as in the case of Uniswap. There is a case of impermanent loss protection for long-term liquidity providers with one month or more maturity.

The FIS Utility




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