Comdex Championing The Provision of Synthetic Assets To Create Derivatives for Financial Assets

Comdex Protocol

How Synthetics Function

How Synthetics works on Comdex

  • Liquidity Providers. These are users who want to earn trading fees and CMDX token (Comdex native token) incentives by supplying liquidity to liquidity pools on the cSwap in the form of cAsset pairs.
  • Traders are people who utilize the platform to profit from the price movement of cAssets on cSwap.
  • Borrowers: Also known as Minters, they are users who create the initial liquidity of cAssets on the platform. To mint cAssets, these users can lock up a variety of Cosmos assets. When the user returns the cAsset debt to liberate their collaterals, the user’s collateralized debt position (CDP) can be closed. The Comdex trading solution ensures that for each listed asset on cSwap, users can long or short position-based liquidity.




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