An Analysis of the impact of the StaFi Accelerator Grant Program (SEAG)


StaFi’s Immense Growth

StaFi Eco Accelerator Grant (SEAG)

  • Support for your ideas and efforts in the range of $5,000 to $50,000 in $FIS tokens.
  • The StaFi Foundation will give technical and research assistance as part of the grant.
  • The StaFi Foundation will also assist you in launching your project by providing joint Public Relations (PR) support.

How to Apply

Spring Design Studio

  • Redesign the current rToken App Pages following the previous wireframe version.
  • Expansion of the current wireframe to include new features.
  • Highlighting all of the rToken App’s features and making it as simple as possible for users.
  • The allowance of additional chains being integrated into the rToken App.
  • Increasing awareness by Upselling and Linking StaFi products.




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Helen IMAH

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