Alphr Finance: How to Earn the Highest Yield When You Stake ETH

The world is coming to terms with the fact that cryptocurrency is staking its claim as the go-to thing when other ventures of making money have failed you. The extremely volatile nature of the space, although with pocket-wrecking potentials, still attracts new investors due to its potential to wake someone who went to bed broke a millionaire.

Cryptocurrency trading and investing is a risky business. In reality, every business is risky but it takes a higher level of intelligence to manage one’s risks appropriately. What makes a cryptocurrency business stand out from others is that blockchain technology has immense untapped possibilities that can go as far as ensuring one’s profits should he delve into it the right way. There continue to be innovative solutions provided by several projects that solve the major problems facing global finance and when it comes to earning much with cryptocurrency with less risk, Alphr Finance is one of those projects with goals that maximize one’s profit with well-managed risk.

Alphr Finance

Alphr is a decentralized social trading platform that allows you to find and mirror the best performing cryptocurrency wallets.

Many do not know that for a long while, the big guns have been using blockchain discovery tools and researchers to monitor the activity of specific wallets on-chain. The data culled up from this research is then only made available to the same big guns or those with large pockets.

The amazingly innovative nature of the crypto space has made it possible for Alphr Finance to utilize decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and monitor profiles on it in order to offer its users a better crypto trading experience.

In trading cryptocurrency, it can be difficult to know what amount to put in and when. Even with the use of technical analysis, sometimes one ends up being favored with fundamental over technical analysis.

Sometimes the market can render whatever analysis you must have made useless but what matters most is your weekly, monthly, or yearly statement of account after you must have followed a particular trading process.

Alphr offers great room for you to have a favourable statement of account should you decide to narrow it down to the last trade at some point. It enables one to mimic the trades of alphas in decentralized platforms and leaves you positive with your expectations. The motto is “buy when they buy and sell when they sell”.

When the world’s best traders begin to trade on DEXs, all of their trades become transparent and available on-chain. This means that you can now see who, for example, has been the best performing WBTC trader on Uniswap in the last 90 days. When that trader buys and sells WBTC, you can use that information to buy and sell WBTC as well.

Alphr turns every wallet address that has ever traded on Uniswap into a social profile. This enables you to see their trade history and emulate it either manually or automatically using Automated mirror trading (AMT).

Automated Mirror Trading

It is obvious one cannot be online at all times to manually monitor trades or a user is interested in trading but can’t find the time for it. Alphr provides tools that automatically handle trades for its users. All you have to do is choose from a vast number of the most fruitful crypto traders to emulate. Then deposit funds into the smart contract pool, and the routing smart contract will mirror all trades from the selected investor’s wallet.

Users can also save a significant amount of money on gas fees due to the routing together of funds in a single transaction on Alphr.

Alphr Token ($ALPHR)

$ALPHR is classified as a utility token. The token will be needed for full participation on the Alphr platform, like payment of transaction fees or specifically when creating a new Automated Mirror Trading pool. Furthermore, 75% of protocol fees will be used to compensate Alphr users that provide liquidity on Uniswap for the service they provide to the network and Alphr ecosystem; while 25% of fees are moved to the community development fund to help fund future development of the network.

How to Earn Double Farming Asset Rewards When you Stake ETH

Staking is simply defined as the act of locking your tokens with a platform in order to earn more. It all began with single asset staking but the creation and adoption of double asset staking, also known as liquidity pool farming has proven to be more profitable.

Double asset farming involves providing liquidity for two cryptocurrencies and earning for your stake in the pool. In Alphr, you can receive a higher annual percentage yield (APY) than most farming platforms offer when you stake ETH and ALPHR, due to the 75% fees distribution by the Alphr protocol to liquidity providers.

For staking the ETH/ALPHR pair, users will receive ETH payouts(ΞPED) every day.

In addition to (ΞPED), farmers will also receive 0.03% of Uniswap fees as well as extra rewards of $ALPHR with a current APY of 310%.


Alphr is living up to the saying that one should follow the money as it is most likely to earn you some. Its unique innovation of mirroring the trades of successful traders is undoubtedly one that will help traders and aspiring traders grow in the industry and most likely earn more. Additionally, the feature of double asset farming is also another room for liquidity providers to maximize their profits.

However, no matter how juicy the Alphr features appear, it is important to note that cryptocurrency is still considered highly volatile and the risk is aplenty. Before you go in, be certain to come out unscathed. In other words, trade with caution and manage your risk appropriately.

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