About the Noether: Cartesi’s Solution that will Enable Blockchain Applications to Use More Data Than Ever Thought Possible


Features of Noether

  • Powerful - The Noether was built to contain enough power to sustain a high volume of transactions per second.
  • Data Only - The Cartesi Core has already solved the problem of computational scalability on blockchains; this enables Noether to concentrate on the issue of Data Availability. Processing transactions can be done effectively and cheaply once they are available to all interested parties.
  • Local - Similar to Ethereum’s Sharding proposal, not everyone needs to oversee transactions on the network. Rather than a fixed process in the network, the Locality approach of Cartesi’s Noether is flexible and decided by the users.
  • Cost-effective - The use of dApps cannot be hampered by transaction fees. The combination of numerous technologies is expected to reduce the cost to the extent it no longer affects adoption.
  • Proof of Stake - The Proof of Work cannot be relied upon to secure the Noether idea because it raises serious concerns about its long-term viability and security. Proof of stake consensus algorithm was used instead.
  • Garbage Collection - Keeping all processed transactions on the network forever will significantly limit the system’s functionality. However, disposing of them entirely will hamper seamless adoption for new users looking to tap knowledge from the history books. Cartesi, however, will be providing a Data Availability Protocol solution.
  • Embedding - Cartesi is a layer-2 solution and relies on the underlying blockchain to do the heavy work. This makes it easy to solve complex problems.

About Cartesi

What Makes Cartesi Unique?

  1. The Cartesi Machine was created to give decentralized applications mainstream scalability and the developers’ productivity.

Mission of Cartesi

  • To provide a complete operating system for blockchain applications.
  • To handle sophisticated computations and ensure scalability with Optimistic Rollups, the Cartesi Machine and Noether.
  • To ensure dApp developers are not overspending or demoralized with the cost of developing applications.
  • To create dApps of any complexity using standard development tools and software stacks while running on well-known blockchain networks like Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

Cartesi Token ($CTSI)




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