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After its inception, StaFi’s owners strived to establish a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where everyone who cares about the project’s success can participate in its governance.

Brief Introduction of StaFi

StaFi is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that solves the dilemma between Mainnet security and token liquidity by unlocking the liquidity of staked assets. StaFi solves this problem by issuing alternative tokens on a 1:1 basis of tokens staked on the original chain. Additionally, users can trade these alternative tokens, popularly called rTokens, and the staker also enjoys rewards of tokens staked on the original chain.

StaFi’s main aim is to establish a totally decentralized atmosphere for its community, and it all began with the creation of DAO.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

A DAO is an automated non-centralized organization that is governed by a set of rules enforced on a blockchain.

DAOs are collectively owned and controlled by the community members; in this case, human error and manipulation of members’ funds are near impossible. On DAOs, funds can only be accessed with the members’ approval, and decisions are made through proposals that the community votes on over a specified period.

StaFi, in the spirit of fulfilling its decentralization promise to its community, established a StaFi Treasury DAO with the tools provided by Commonwealth Labs.

Commonwealth Protocol

Commonwealth is a sophisticated tool that enables on-chain discussions about the most significant community and governance issues and provides an extensive online room for project interactions. It also includes a Substrate governance pallet shared across all Substrate-based platforms, which makes it much easier for StaFi to improve and expand its network with the right tools.

StaFi is currently using the Commonwealth Protocol platform’s tools to engage its community on comprehensive and fluid discussions about token launches, staking and lending ideas, value propositions, partnerships and other topics. As a result, their team will be able to proceed with ideas in a far more decentralized manner, helping to improve their ecosystem and goals.

Key Features of Commonwealth Protocol


Commonwealth streamlines your community and governance by combining four tools into one. Discuss new ideas, crowdfunding projects and gain access to native governance for Layer 1 platforms, tokens, and NFTs all at the same time.

Blockchain Agnostic

You can subscribe to chain activities such as whale transfers or significant votes, and it is available for all chains and tokens.

Encourages Togetherness

It helps you find your community and push the project forward by interacting and analyzing ideas.

Other features include:

· Crypto integrated

· Open Source

· Multi-Channel

· Direct Messaging

· Multi-Platform

· In-app-notifications

· Zero Hosting Cost

· User Profile and Feeds

· Admin and Moderation

· Open API

· Long-form Threading

· Markdown Support

· SEO Support

StaFi’s Commonwealth forum is currently open and active, allowing the team and community to interact with each other. The StaFi community can fully participate in productive and interactive conversations that will help drive the project’s advancement.

How to Join

You can create a Commonwealth account with an email, a GitHub account, or a cryptocurrency wallet.

The first step is to go to https://commonwealth.im/ and click the login button on the top right corner of the landing page. After that, the user will be presented with a page where you can choose your preferred account creation option and proceed from there.

StaFi Treasury DAO

The StaFi Treasury DAO kicked off with the Commonwealth Labs partnership. In order to meet the protocol’s viable growth and decentralization goals, the Treasury was written into the agreement from the beginning of the StaFi project. The treasury funds will also be used to encourage individuals and teams that contribute to the success of StaFi.

Commonwealth Labs played a significant role in fulfilling this StaFi goal as they provided the tools needed for this advancement.

Commonwealth provided the StaFi community and Treasury DAO with a custom-built all-in-one tool. These tools encouraged further innovation and propelled the project forward for the benefit of all stakeholders. The platform also provided StaFi’s community members with easy access to tools such as on-chain governance, proposal, and a forum for interaction all in one place.


Commonwealth was originally conceptualized and released by Commonwealth Labs. They have since partnered with several projects, utilizing their tools for the betterment of the crypto space.

StaFi partnering with Commonwealth has since helped advance the project. The Commonwealth forum for StaFi is currently open and active. Followers of the StaFi project can begin interacting with one another, engaging in fruitful and collaborative discussions that will help drive innovation and move the project forward.

StaFi’s Commonwealth forum can be found here: https://commonwealth.im/stafi.

Commonwealth’s core team is still actively working to decentralize the protocol for more effective community management.

Stay connected with the StaFi project using the Links below:

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